Founded in 2017 Founded in 2017 
, Suraj built CodeConsult to help break the stereotype of traditional tech recruiters. Leading with a consultative approach, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and the level of detail that goes into every search. Stepping away from the standard recruitment process, the team at CodeConsult spend a huge amount of time learning about the market, understanding the motivations for our candidates, and tracking our clients’ developments and success.
we're unlike most sales teams we're unlike most sales teams 
 . We work in a truly collaborative way, with 3 core teams that act interdependently together.

  • Resource & engagement
  • Sales & qualification
  • Customer experience

When we say
we do things a little differently we do things a little differently 
  to other recruiters, we really mean it. Any success is spread across the three teams, and we’re really proud of the collaborative culture we’ve fostered over the years. The way we see it is that we’re far better off having everyone pull together in the same direction than competing with one another. It makes for a happier workforce and delivers a far better service to those we work with.

Why Code Consult?Why Code Consult?Why Code Consult?Why Code Consult?Why Code Consult?Why Code Consult?Why Code Consult?Why Code Consult?Why Code Consult?

We have an incredible .NET network

We’ve been working in this industry for quite some time and as the years have gone by our network has grown extensively. Now, we’re not about counting numbers, far from it. Though our connections have increased, every single person in our network has either come via a referral or through a comprehensively vetted application, so we know that if we need to reach out to anyone in our database, they can 100% do the job, and then some.

We know our stuff

While we might not be able to code ourselves, we can spot a superstar developer / programmer / engineer / leader from a mile off. Knowing what our clients need and ensuring that our candidates hit the mark is key for us to maintain our reputation as the leading .NET recruiter out there, and we work tirelessly to make sure we stay in the know.

We love what we do

Ok, so that might sound cliché but we genuinely get a buzz from matching the right person with the right opportunity, and seeing both our clients and candidates flourish. It’s what keeps us going day to day. We may be a small agency, but we give every single search everything that we have, and it shows.

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Code Consult XCode Consult X

Black CodherBlack Codher

Since 2020, our founder Suraj has volunteered his time outside of work hours to help mentor students enrolled on the Black Codher and Black Disruptor Bootcamps. Designed to help more black women over the age of 18 get into technical roles, these 30-week bootcamps are a fantastic way to support women across the Midlands take their first steps into tech.


Black women are heavily under represented in technology, making up less than 1% of the tech workforce in the UK & USA.


More than 70% of the bootcamp students have successfully changed careers in to a tech role, with many more continuing their studies.

Our PartnersOur PartnersOur PartnersOur PartnersOur PartnersOur PartnersOur PartnersOur PartnersOur Partners

We're proud to have been trusted by some incredible partners

“I have worked with CodeConsult on a number of occasions in placing developers within my team, and I found them to be very professional. I have no hesitation in recommending their services. They are personable, attentive and ensure the full recruitment cycle runs smoothly from start to finish.”

Software Development Manager

client testimonial

“Suraj spent a great deal of time with me asking many questions to understand our business and exactly what we needed. I would definitely recommend CodeConsult to anyone looking for talent, Suraj takes the time to really understand your needs and then is able to deliver on them.”

Director Digital Tech

client testimonial

“The biggest difference I think that makes Suraj stand out is that he is genuinely interested and excited by the journey you're going on, and gets fully onboard with you. This enthusiasm clearly transfers to the candidates we see, and they are bought into the business before we even speak.”

Head of Engineering

client testimonial

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