CodeConsult is a leading Tech Recruitment Partner that works closely with businesses to help grow and enhance their Software Development teams, specifically within the Midlands.

Whether you’re a start up requiring a ‘tech team builder’ to facilitate aggressive growth, or a multi £Billion blue chip looking to supplement your existing corporate profile; we have a proven track record of succesful delivery to help take businesses of all size and scale, to the next level.


Adding a Personal Touch.


We’re not just an outfit that sits in an office, behind a screen. Well, we are, but we do other things too! We are part of local Tech communities; we attend Tech Meet Ups. We try to have a coffee/meeting with every candidate/customer that engages with us.

Through all of this energy and commitment (going back several years), we’re able to offer an exclusive pool of Talent to customers as well as the opportunity to work with some of the most exciting Tech companies in the Midlands, to candidates.

We’re committed to you


CodeConsult are a cut above our competition for a few reasons, however if we had to highlight one it would be our commitment to excellent customer service. We adapt to you, not the other way round.

We put in a lot of effort getting to know and understand the people we work with, and help provide tailor made solutions. Ultimately, our aim is to ease the burden you have by solving your recruitment headache.

Empowering The Next Generation


CodeConsult doesn’t view Tech as it’s business, but it’s passion. It’s an industry we want to truly empower. We’re proud to support many institutions within the Tech eco-system in the Midlands; both financially, and via our social media platforms which have a 5 figure following.

An example of this is being a strategic partner to The School of Coding who are UK’s largest Coding and Computer Science educator.


  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Front End Engineer
  • Back End Engineer
  • Solution Architect
  • Cloud/DevOps Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Automation Tester
  • Manual Tester
  • Product Owner
  • Business Analyst
  • Scrum Master
  • Development Manager
  • Head of IT
  • Development Director
  • CTO
  • CIO





“I have worked with CodeConsult on a number of occasions in placing developers within my team, and I found them to be very professional. I have no hesitation in recommending their services. They are personable, attentive and ensure the full recruitment cycle runs smoothly from start to finish.”

Head of Development, Veolia


“I worked with CodeConsult recently, who placed two developers within the CDS Customer Solutions team at Civica – one senior, one mid-level. They were always helpful and professional and provided good calibre candidates for interview, every time. I would be more than happy to work with CodeConsult again in the future, and would undoubtedly recommend them to colleagues.”

Software Development Manager, Civica


CodeConsult’s commitment and genuine attention to detail has proved to be second to none. Mercato Solutions are a leading software house based in Birmingham and as an award winning company we set expectations very high for new candidates, CodeConsult made this easy as they capture the essence of our business need every time and understand what will work for us time and time again.

Head of HR, Mercato Solutions



“Whilst looking for a new role recently, I was introduced to Suraj at CodeConsult by a mutual connection. He called me in the evening and that call turned out to be the best call I have had in a very long time. Suraj was able to match me to a job role that was a perfect fit for me, while at the same time being one of the nicest and funniest guys I had spoken to in a while.

We ran into a complication on my side (which is another story in itself), but after a brief but incredible bit of wrangling on his part, he was able to get my CV over to the right people in the company and before 09:00 on the Friday morning I had an interview booked.

When faced with a separate obstacle further down the line, Suraj intervened and pulled a few strings on his side to ensure things moved forward. Had he not done so, it looked like it would have been the end of the process.

CodeConsult Gave me some invaluable advice and help and kept me informed of everything going on and really kept a good level of communication going at all times. They had my back the whole way through and thanks to their help and persistence I had a fantastic new job inside of a week that I never would have got if it were not for them.

I do not think I could have done this without the help and support of CodeConsult and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their professionalism combined with their person-ability made them stand head and shoulders above recruiters I’ve dealt with in the past and their dedication and tenacity is what got the job done and a perfect result for me.”

J. Rogers, Full Stack Engineer



“I’ve recently accepted a Full Stack Engineer post with a cutting-edge team working with latest technologies in the .Net stack for a prestigious international company, who are the largest independent claims management provider in the world with over a $1bn per annum in revenue. This would not have been possible without CodeConsult.

Their care, support and expert advice throughout the process end-to-end was the first I experienced when being recruited. They will go above and beyond in ensuring that you will have everything you need to know about the role so that you’re comfortable in knowing that it is the right role for yourself. When it comes to the interview process, I couldn’t have received more expert advice from CodeConsult about the process, the interviewers and generally what to expect.

This was communicated effectively by the Director of CodeConsult himself, Suraj, who kindly gave me his time, answered any questions I had and frequently checked in with me along every step of the process; something which I did not expect form any recruiter. I would be glad to use CodeConsult again and recommend them to any of my contacts for their expert knowledge of the market, their care and overall stellar service.”

A. Mekhail, Full Stack Engineer.


“CodeConsult recently placed me as a QA Engineer for a company based in Warwick. Their management of the process was fantastic and what really stood out was not only the personable communication, but the quality and regularity of updates (calls, WhatsApp and emails) to keep me in touch with how things were progressing. Even if that was to say there was no update; which was really refreshing!

Suraj was my main point of contact, but its clear there is a good, solid, well run organisation behind the scenes. He was really friendly and easy to talk to and its really clear that he know his stuff. He gave me excellent coaching for the interview too. I will definitely be keeping CodeConsult in my contact list for future recruitment either for myself or anyone needed some help in this area. Highly recommended.”

B. Thornton, QA Engineer.


“I had just started looking for a job when I came across a CodeConsult job listing. It looked like a great Software Developer role and it was written by someone who clearly understood the requirements of the company. In a concise listing I knew exactly what the role would be like and the technologies they were using. I called them up and they asked for exclusivity. I was somewhat skeptical but I wasn’t in a rush to find something so decided to give them a few weeks. It was the best decision I could have made.

I first talked to Suraj on Monday and by Friday evening I had a fantastic offer. He was quick to arrange an interview and guided me through the process. He drew from the experience of previous candidates to provide me with a deeper insight into the companies and their interview process. My experience working with Suraj was short but in that time he demonstrated a level of excellence with not just technical understanding but emotional understanding as well. Next time I’m looking for a job I’m heading straight to CodeConsult.”

M. Parker, Software Developer.



CodeConsult’s approach is to create long lasting and meaningful relationships with all of our clients. We’re not bullish in our approach, nor do we think about quick wins. If doing the right thing means missing out on a placement, then so be it. What goes around, comes around. Well, we think so anyway!

Our core values which we live and breath are:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Pride



As a Customer

We begin any assignment by gaining a thorough understanding of a client’s requirements. Then, it’s about attacking the market and head-hunting individuals that fit the brief to a tee.

We reference and screen all of our candidates. As a client, we ensure your reputation is highlighted to maximum efficiency, and project your company as an employer of choice.

We handle any potential objections from candidates. We manage the offer negotiation process to achieve acceptance on your behalf. After that, it is managing the threat of a counter offer. We then aim to take everything candidate we work with for lunch to heighten the likelihood of a successful start, and we touch in with them regularly (once they join) to ensure they’re getting on just fine.

As a Candidate

I’m sure you’ve come across many recruiters who are pushy and aggressive, and think they know more than you? CodeConsult are the opposite of that.

From the get-go, we really want to listen and understand what you’re looking for in the next role. What’s most important, which Tech you’d really like to use. What the ideal location looks like, the salary you want and the type of working culture you prefer.

We’ll use this information to filter out all of the vacancies that don’t hit every single mark, and only discuss the ones that do; we’re huge on quality over quantity.


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