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in the space of 18months

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The challengeThe challenge
It was the 7th August 2019, and out of the blue, CodeConsult's founder Suraj received a WhatsApp message from someone he'd not been in touch with for a year or two; it was the founder of Purplebricks. The message was short and concise, he wanted to meet for a coffee ASAP.

A few days later, Suraj met with David alongside the Head of Engineering who outlined something quite audacious; they were aiming to become the next generation property portal site, and disrupt the market (again), using a Data Driven approach. Obviously, we were ready to dive right in!

The solutionThe solution
In the space of 18 months, CodeConsult helped Boomin scale from just 3 people to c.150. Placing an array of positions all within a .NET environment; these ranged from Software Engineers and Cloud Platform Engineers to Data Engineers and BI Developers to name but a few. Often the candidates that we approached had countless other offers on the table; yet more often than not, we convinced them to join Boomin.

CodeConsult played a huge part in building a world-class tech and product team that could rival Boomin's well-established competitors. 
Roles we filled

Full Stack Engineer

Front End Engineer

Product Manager

UX Designer

Product Manager

Front End Engineer

"Time and time again, Suraj and CodeConsult exceeded my expectations. Having to manage timelines and projects it pays off to have a recruitment partner on yuor side whom you can trust.

At times when things get stressful, CodeConsult has shown they have the fortitude and patience to be on your team for the longer journey. I'm delighted that CodeConsult are on our team." 

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