Case study

Building a Top-Tier 

.NET placements

in the space of 18months

Headcount growth

delivered through CodeConsult

Retention rate

still employed after 6 months

The challengeThe challenge
CodeConsult first engaged Purplebricks in early 2015, dealing directly with the co-founder, David Shepherd as well as thier global CTO, David Kavanagh. With big plans to scale quicky, there was a high demand for skilled technical talent to join their engineering team. Naturally, we were eager to help.

The solutionThe solution
CodeConsult helped the business scale from circa 10 heads to 120 individuals, all of whom contributed to building the Purplebricks brand and break into new continents across the globe. In a few short months CodeConsult managed to attract more than 50 people into the engineering team and see the business grow from a locally based start-up to an international PLC.
Roles we filled

Software Engineer

Business Analyst

Software Developer

Data Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Business Analyst

"The backbone of our success and the ability to scale the engineering team quickly predicated around recruiting the very best talent within the market. CodeConsult delivered - helping us scale tenfold in a few short months.

Code Consult aren't just another recruiter, they have invested the time to understand my business and its objectives. As a result they have a high conversion rate from introduction to offer. We will continue to shape and grow our team and infrastructure working with CodeConsult." 

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Looking to scale
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